Friday, March 1, 2013

Upcoming Event!

In my last post I said that I had an upcoming event to share with you. Well...the event is, I'm going to be a vendor in my very first show. I'll be selling at the Junk Jubilee show in Des Moines on April 26th-28th.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be a part of this great show! But, with this being my first show, I'm also freaking out a little. To calm myself I'll have to keep in mind this quote... 
                                -HENRY DAVID THOREAU
 All of these photos from Lyla & Blue are going to be used as inspiration for the show...

If you can share any knowledge on doing a show, I'd really appreciate it.
Have a great weekend!


  1. great the old grungy tags

  2. great the old grungy tags

  3. BRANDON . . . Congratulations !!!
    We haven't done any shows, but know You'll do great !
    Have Fun !!
    Joe & Glenn

  4. Dude, I can feel your anxiety, but what a lotta fun you'll have though and find many new contacts and new friends that will always look for your booth. You just have the best stuff and a great look...and besides, we love you!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the good word, Brandon! You have fabulous instincts. Your show is going to be a knockout! Best of luck!

  6. You're an expert stylist. Your booth is going to look great!! I did the Country Living Fairs in Austin and Columbus. My friend recommended that I create a spreadsheet that includes everything you need, even down to pens, staplers, calculator, etc. Check things off as you pack and you won't forget anything. Also, a tall director's chair (Pier One has them), is nice because you can sit down every once in awhile, but still be eye to eye with your customers. Good luck and be sure to take LOTS of pics!!!!!

  7. Hello "my" Brandon! Just stopped over to see what's up since you popped on over to my blog and I am always so happy when I visit. CONGRATS on your first show! Yes, you will be pooped VERY much and shows were how I started out this crazy career - Waaaay before I ever got a are some tips that I hope will help:

    Have a small "counter" for your sales (I use a counter height cart on wheels covered in some fabric with a shelf below) this lets customers write their checks, you write your sales slips and hold a bowl of candy, pens, business cards...AND (most importantly) on the shelf below...a small box of extra tags, extra tissue paper, pens, and FOOD - you will be STARVING!!!! Candy, chips, whatever you can grab.

    Have EVERYTHING priced BEFORE you even pack a single item in your truck and load up - dealers will pick you over as you unload and trying to figure out a price or find your list is a pain in the a**

    Bring a small tool box with your NAME clearly on it and your ALL your tools CLEARLY marked and DON'T lend them out - I know, sounds harsh, right? You will never get your booth set up if you lend out your tools and you will never get them back when you need them. Just say politely when asked to borrow something, "Sorry, my ladder, hammer, drill, stays in my booth with me as I get anxiety attacks when we are separated....not a pretty sight, but I believe I saw a ladder in Judy's booth" and point them out of your space. Say it with a friendly laugh and get them out of your really works...and you will get a reputation of one of those dealers that is "nice" but won't share tools....not a bad deal.

    When getting to your booth - IMMEDIATELY scout out the electrical plugs/connections and if not happy with them, go find the person in charge and get it taken care of before you unload and before others start to get their booth all in order...makes it easier for the person in charge to get electricity set up in an empty booths.

    KNOW your space and don't let others use it - be bold and polite..."excuse me...I am just scooting your chair back into your space, as I want to put my dresser in my booth here..." and keep setting up...season dealers know greenhorns...but always be nice and friendly with your booth neighbors - makes for a fun show

    Wear a fanny pack (a fab one) for all your money - NEVER leave it in a box like of many on your counter...always have your money on you.

    Make nice with your neighbors if you are doing the show on your will need someone to watch your booth while you run to the bathroom...but be watchful on booth neighbors, as some are not friendly and may not watch your booth in a good way.

    KNOW your personal rules before you ever enter the area....are you willing to "hold" an item for a customer? Are you willing to ship? Are you willing to discount? Are you willing to truck back a sold piece and let a customer pick it up at your home place? Will you do layaway? Know all this before and it will save you headaches.

    PACK your truck backwards....pack your tuck in the order you will set up your booth...the last thing in should be the first thing you want to set up your booth with....put smalls in FIRST...and walls, beams, pillars and big items in LAST so you can pull those out and set up without having a ton of little boxes all around you.

    Hope this helps some. You will have fun, make a lot of $$ and I let us know you do!

    Big hugs

  8. I'm gonna take good care of you, Brandon!!! You are going to have a great time, sell lots, & meet some great people!!!

    You've gotten some excellent advice here! Take it!!!

    As far as nerves go, I'm already on edge! But it all seems to fall into place!!!

    Can't wait to see you & your booth!!!

  9. Okay... so I'm dying to know how it all went and I want loads of Images... *winks* I Hope it was all you Envisioned?

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Good luck! Once you start you can not stop!

  11. Good luck! You now are going to have the snow bug!

  12. Freaking out a little is a good thing, it means you care and want to have a great booth for your promoter and your customers. Depending on how much set up time you have and your anxiety level, I recommend doing a preset up. Making sure you have everything for your walls or backdrops to function properly before you're there. It's a good time to make sure everything is priced and cleaned. I always take pictures with my phone so when I'm setting up I can refer back to them and get to a good starting place before the tweaking begins. From there you can pack up for the show in groupings so you can unpack entire displays at once. The work station is a huge luxury, and totally worth the real estate. Get there as early as you can, better to have extra time, and more fun to be relaxed and be able to check out and get to know the other vendors. And remember it's not all about the money, getting to know the customers and learning about what they collect and why is so interesting, and you never know who you might meet and the connections you'll make for future endeavors. Good Luck!