Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Merchandise

Industrial glass dome light cloche $19.99 each.

I couldn't decide whether or not to wire these to use as lamps/pendants

or sell them as cloches. I have 5 available here as cloches and

I saved 2 just in case I decide that I want to electrify them.

Ledgers from the 30's-40's $5.99 each.

Sold as a set-vintage scrabble letters & jar $14.99

Awesome large galvanized metal drawers/trays $35 each.

2 grain sacks. $10 each.

Love the graphics and the little Piggy's.

They would look great framed or

hung on the wall as is.

2 more goose neck lamps to add to the collection $29 & $35.

Feeders $9.99-$12.

Scrubbed smooth and ready to hold your treasures.