Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Merchandise

Industrial glass dome light cloche $19.99 each.

I couldn't decide whether or not to wire these to use as lamps/pendants

or sell them as cloches. I have 5 available here as cloches and

I saved 2 just in case I decide that I want to electrify them.

Ledgers from the 30's-40's $5.99 each.

Sold as a set-vintage scrabble letters & jar $14.99

Awesome large galvanized metal drawers/trays $35 each.

2 grain sacks. $10 each.

Love the graphics and the little Piggy's.

They would look great framed or

hung on the wall as is.

2 more goose neck lamps to add to the collection $29 & $35.

Feeders $9.99-$12.

Scrubbed smooth and ready to hold your treasures.


  1. WOW!!!!
    Looks Amazing Brandon!!!!
    Cool Stuff!
    Love to Ya!
    Barb C.

  2. OMG...I was beginning to think the only Brandon I knew was my rooster...great stuff kid, LOVE IT ALL!!! Can't wait to see!

  3. You really have an awesome eye for finding great things. Wish I lived closer, see so many things I'd love to buy, esp. the ledgers. I've been on the hunt for some and can't seem to find any in Texas.

  4. Great stuff! Love the galvanized metal drawers/trays!

  5. Good job Brandon! I love it all! Can you believe that Garden Antiques Vintage left a comment? So cool! I'm so happy for you!
    Love, Mom.(:

  6. Oh Brandon, you don't know how much I wish I lived closer to you! Great stuff man!