Monday, May 6, 2013

Junk Jubilee Spring 2013

This is one of the songs I had playing during the show.
 Hit play and enjoy...
I am completely speechless...the show was...amazing...out of this world! I had so much fun setting up, rearranging everyday, meeting a lot of the other wonderful vendors, interacting with customers, etc.  I learned so much and am very excited for the next Junk Jubilee show in November!
I am so thankful for everyone that helped me make this show possible. Thank You Mom, Dad, Ryan, Barb H, Barb C, Jennifer, Chad Amy, Sharon and an extra special Thank You to Miccia Humphrey for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful show!  
I took photos all three days so you'll see the same things displayed in different ways.

 #1 seller, little glass creamers.
 Everyone admired these concrete geese. A lovely couple gave them a new home.
 Brass cow tags on chains. Another big seller.
 Do you know Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style
She bought this bird bath top from me!!! How cool is that!!!

 My favorite item, a 100 ft tape measure.
It was the second thing to sell.
 Loved these, tin cups, ironstone saucers, moss and twine.  

 Business card I had made just for the show...a black sheep!

My second favorite item. An as found amber glass jug wrapped in wire.


  1. Brandon...You did such a fantastic job with your booth...but then I knew you would!!! Thank you so much for spreading your wings & landing at Junk Jubilee!!! Trying new things is always a little scary, but you are much too talented to not share your talents with a broader audience. I'm so proud of you!!!

  2. Love these pictures! Looks like you had a great booth. Do you happen to have any of the brass cow tags left? I've never seen anything like that, but I'm pretty sure I need one (my husband & I are cattle farmers, but we never seem to find cattle junk on our searches). Again, great job!!

    1. Hi Jen!
      Aren't the cow tags great. I do have some left. They are $15 each.

  3. Great job! I knew you would do wonderfully on the show circuit :)

  4. WoW Brandon !!
    It all looks like Too Much Fun . . . LOVE Your Color Scheme ! We haven't done a show yet , Maybe someday !?!

    HUGS from TEXAS !!

  5. Hey Brandon! It was so nice to meet you! Your displays were AH Mazing!


  6. Congrats Brandon on a successful first show!! I had no doubts that you would do amazing!! Wish I would have seen it all in person, you know I'm a big fan of your finds!!


  7. OH, Brandon, your booth looked amazing! Love it all! Glad you had a good show!

  8. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit! Your Art of Display is always Superb, I'm so glad your Show went so well and I can hardly wait to see the next one! That Deconstructed Chair and the Bed in the Image below it look so comfy and Inviting!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian