Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Out The Closet

New French soap label post cards. 40-50 available.
While doing some organizing, I gathered some items that I forgot I had, no longer wanted or decided to part with. I'll admit, I'm a little embarrassed about this post. I only like to show my best work. But it's all part of the journey...getting rid of the old to bring in the new. And I do have some wonderful new merchandise, but I'm hoarding it for an upcoming event that I will share with you very soon. So to prepare for this event, I have to sell what I can and I've marked some items down to get them out the door. I didn't get pictures of all the new stuff and I'm sure I have more items on sale than are pictured. So stop in soon, get creative and find a new treasure!


Blue Stripe Towels and Trivets.

Mason Jars.

Hobnail Vases.

Bird Cage, trinket box and silver engraved cup.

Old window, shelf and a cabinet with towel bar.

Set of 6 Goblets.

Wine Charms. 2 sets available.

Faux Fur pillow

This Cupboard is now only $45.

Book Page Garlands are now $19.99

Candle Holders are now $3.50 each


  1. Love your monochromatic style! So much fun stuff and I love that cupboard!

  2. Great soap labels, gonna have to checkum out...hope to see ya soon, can ya give me a hint, an itty bitty one!

  3. take all your sale stuff to the show and work it in your display as the first round sells. Trust me, you will need it. I know you are going to sell really well. We'll see you as we are coming to SHOP.