Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elizabeth's Contest

I entered Elizabeth's Contest, The gist of the contest was to create a display that represents the end of summer relaxation. My take on this is-Feeling so relaxed you feel as light as a feather, (do any of us ever feel that relaxed???) and the merchandise is floating out the door.

As you can see in the image above I started with a background of scrim-light and breezy... relaxing. I placed a chair in a trunk to make it appear as if it's starting to float away. I then added a lot of linen pillows and a table cloth-linen and pillows...very relaxing.

I suspended a couple of pillows and a lamp in mid air-as light as a feather. You can also see how I added a couple of feather boas around the perimeter of the display.

Lavender bunches hanging in the background-nothing represents relaxation like lavender.

I then added vintage photos of folks relaxing.

Flower pots filled with feathers and more vintage photos of folks relaxing.

Close up of a flower pot with feathers.

Lavender and feathers.


  1. Clever idea and the photos were a wonderful touch. Love grandpa in the hammock!

  2. When I saw the first shot, I instantly thought they looked like they were floating...WOW...I love it, now I know why...but then, I never second guess what goes on in that creative melon of yours. I always love to see what you've created next...keep it up bud(Nancy)!


  3. Thanks Ladies! I truly appreciate your kind comments!!!

    I also love Grandpa in the hammock, it's my favorite!


  4. Hi Brandon,
    My computer was down for a few days so I am late here. I am a newbie also and have been following Elizabeth for sometime. Just trying to glean as much of her wisdom as I could.
    I adore your take on relaxation. Your display is so nice and very well done.
    I enjoyed looking at it and now am going back to enjoy the rest of your blog..
    thanks for sharing - isn't this contest fun?

  5. Hi Brandon,
    I'm coming over from E's blog to tell you how great & creative I think your display is! It is my very favorite so far!
    I like your inspiring blog and will put it in my reader to not miss another post.
    Sending you best wishes for good luck now and in the future!
    Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Germany