Sunday, August 15, 2010

Business Cards...etc

I apologize for the delay in my posts. I've been concentrating on the upcoming seasonal events. I have some great things in the works!

I finally got my business cards designed. I'm happy with them, but I have more design ideas. So who knows they might change within the next few months. I love my business card holder, a doll chair. I painted, distressed, and reupholstered it. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, my camera batteries were almost dead, so I was rushing to shoot them. Click on image to enlarge.

Storage-Wire crate, tins, and drawstring bags.

Wooden nursery flat

Not sure what it is, but I love it! I'm calling it a drying rack. It can lay flat as pictured or hung on the wall. Although, if it's hung, it wont hold dishes. But there are so many things you could hang from it. Two available.

I designed these small wooden crates to hold a vintage milk bottle. Use them as a vase, or display as is. Fun!


  1. Love the did I miss them anyway!!! Must've been the looming cyclone closing in on us outside...the room looks awesome as always!!!

    See ya soon oh crazy one!!!


  2. You are so creative! Can't wait to make another trip to see your stuff live and in person. I will have to bring a very LARGE vehicle!