Friday, December 3, 2010

Simply Iowa

My friend Barb, has a fantastic wonderland of a shop called Cross Creek Antiques. About a month ago she had her first of two Christmas Open House's. I love her open houses...I shop and chat for 3-4 hours. There is so much to see, I wander and wander...enjoying all of the amazing, unique merchandise. Because I can't buy the whole store, my mind races as I try to figure out which items speak to me the most.

I'm sure you still have more Christmas shopping to do...don't worry, I've got you covered. Start your Saturday off at Sisters Garden and then head to Cross Creek Antiques for the second Christmas Open House....It's the perfect day! Support small businesses and get some very special gifts for yourself and others!!!


  1. I didn't get to go to Cross Creek last time and I'm bumbed about it! We simply ran out of time! Shopping is a long drawn out process, but I love it! So happy I did get to meet you though! Thanks for sharing Barbs shop with us!

  2. Wish I could be there. Barb's shop is like no other. Jan

  3. Oh yeah, I drool all over everything at Cross Creek, Barb simply has the best taste and the bestest stuff...I keep saying next year the economy will be better and I can afford to shop more.

    Barb is truly the queen of hearts in her own lil' rabbit hole, would do anything for you and help when she can in her busy schedule...she's the bomb and we all love her AND her stuff!

    Did I mention I love my new cupboard...what did you call me...heehee...


  4. Oh Brandon...
    You are Amazing...{and so are all of the Gals. who said such wonderful things, about my little rabbit hole... It means, Much....}
    I so look forward to our visits... I know...I can be a little tuff on you, sometimes... only because, you have Soooo Much Potential!!!! The World is Your Oyster... Just remeber...Rome wasn't built in a day...stay focused...and keep your eye on the prize...
    I Love You Dearly....
    Barb c.

  5. I am going to have to come visit your store this winter. Love your pictures! Are you by Kalona?