Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Wish

Two dress forms greet you as you enter my space.

What's your Christmas wish? About a year ago, one of my wishes came true...getting a space in the very cool store I had been shopping at for the past ten years, Sisters Garden. What a fantastic year it has been. I want to personally thank all of the wonderful people who have helped and supported me this past year. Including all the blog friends who have left such nice comments. Thank You!

Thinking of wishes, besides world peace I always wish for snow on Christmas. So snow is what I used for my theme this year. Enjoy...

Linen and fringe trees I designed.

My hoot and a half neighbor, Sharon, sells the yummiest soap so I always have soap dishes.

I hung Ironstone to form a wreath

Swedish tin mold and prism ornaments I designed.

Feed sack heart ornaments my sister in-law helped me make.

No holiday party is complete without a cocktail.

Sign I made out of old books.

Religious area

Absolutely Love this concrete saint statue.

I worked on my space for 18 hours and I still didn't have time to hang these paper doilies from the ceiling throughout my space...


  1. Hey Brandon! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Every inch!!

    Curious, do you ship? How much is the print/postcard (can't tell) of the lady with the packages? Looks like she's poked into a pitchfork? I'm in Ohio.



  2. Brandon, it is gorgeous.
    It looks so much prettier in your booth than stacked in your home!!!
    It's obvious a lot of work and planning went into creating this work of love.
    P.S. Do not let Nutt corrupt you! LOL

  3. It turned out great!! I see several things I would have bought if they had been out! You've got a wonderful talent for decorating! Next time I come, do your booth before I get there! Lol!

    It was so nice to meet you!


  4. We all survived the rush to get it all finished, 'cept maybe Barb S. and that LATE Thursday evening, but it all turned out da man lil''s been a fabulous year setting up next to you in our lil' spaces in 'the attic'...ha,
    hopefully we'll have many more
    (if Barb will tolerate us)!!!

    I feel sorry for the poor wretch that has to tote that table down the stairs...think I'll be in Florida...ha!

    See ya soon...
    Nut and a half...S

  5. Brandon, It looks wonderful. Wish I was closer so I could shop your fine space..

  6. Brandon- Your designs are wonderful. How about coming to my house to help decorate for Christmas. Love ya a lot son and very proud of you!!
    Leah Woline ( step-mom)

  7. This turned out wonderful! Oh, how I remember the LONG hours of building and changing displays when I was in antique malls....18 hours! But, doesn't the time fly by? And there is NEVER enough time, is there? you did a fantastic job...thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me over to see this - anytime I get invited, I stop what I am doing, and go visit. I get so busy, and I miss my visits to my favorite blogs, and you are one of them! Thanks for taking time to come and get me...what a nice treat and break from my work. Keep up the great eye candy and happy selling. You are doing great.

    Big hug

  8. I adore your style. You should be designing shop windows in the East Village.


  9. I am in love with your blog. We share a very similar style and your shop looks so great!!!