Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's New

Vintage School Map $45

Garden Urns $45 each

Candle Holder $14.99

Sheep Print $25.00

Great old Suitcase with flag $32.00 sold

Tending The Flock Print $36.00

Madonna and Child Print $19.99

My new favorite. European Wash Tub $75.00

My second new favorite. Hanging Funnel Lights $36.00 each


  1. Weeeeeee...I can't wait to come up tomorrow, I'll have the oatmeal soap and a white vanity to redo the space...again...I love my job, how 'bout you!!!

  2. Hey Brandon....
    I had no idea, this was you...HOUSE THINGS... Interesting.... You are such an amazing young man... I hope you know, how very much you are loved... You are so tallented, and creative... Your gears never stop.... Keep reaching for what you do best...
    All of My Love,
    Barb C.

  3. I think it's good we don't go to the same sales at the same times because we would both want the same things. Loving your funnel lights! And sheep pictures. I love sheep pictures. Goes back to my growing up on the farm and having sheep for 4-H days, I guess.