Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Weather...Cool Buys

Vintage Glove Molds

Milk Bottles in Carrier...Perfect for fresh flowers. sold

Vintage Alarm Clocks

Burlap and Ticking Upholstered Trunk

2 Tier Wire Basket

Rusty Candle Lantern

Button Cards

Bar stools sold

Dollhouse Bathtub/Soap Dish
with a bar of Sharon's handmade soap.
Oatmeal Milk and Honey-One of many yummy scents.

Organic Lavender, Yum...


Vintage Slip Chandeliers
was $75


  1. Hey Brandon! Could you please tell me how much the milk bottles with carrier cost? I am planning a trip to Sharons soon!

  2. Oh how i love your inspiration- as i sit here im telling my husband, oh i want to try that-i want one of those to display thngs in, and one of those hands (GOT ONE) while at an antique mall, there was a vendor space that was so decorated by a designer-and it had 50 of those hand things- well my 11 yr old decided to barely touch it-setting off a domino effect- the whole place stopped- the workrs all ran over _ i can't tell ya how embarresing it was- and yes out of the 50 (no joke) 50 only one broke and so we had to buy it(guilt) $46.50 flippin dollars we paid.. and i had to hot glue the pinky back on- still have thing...
    anyway love your blog-so glad i found you- a new follower- i will absalutely be checking in for some great ideas.

  3. Hey Sweat Pea...
    Ring me... and I'll give ya all the info, on the 4th of July Show! Ya Hoo!
    Barb C.
    I'll hold the little cart, til I hear from ya!