Friday, January 21, 2011

Secret Leaves Paperworks

Victorian Calling Card gift tag set

Blue horse themed letter writing kit

Book spine kraft gift box

Red Hydrangea Thank You cards (set of 4)

I wish these great products were the newest addition to House Things. Unfortunately they're not, but they can be found in my friends Etsy shop, Secret Leaves Paperworks.

This is what Secret Leaves Paperworks says about their business:
We love old things and the stories they tell. We want to pass that along by caring about what we make and how we make it, and by carefully preserving the small details that inspire awe.

By their nature, Secret Leaves products are about recycling and reuse. We often use vintage ephemera in our work. When we do use new materials, we specify environmentally-friendly papers and ink and work with local green printers. Old boxes are recycled for shipping and scrap paper is shredded for packing material. What we can't reuse is taken to the local recycling center.

We want to make things we love and be proud of how we go about it.

Wouldn't you agree that this sounds like a great business? Please go visit and support her. Secret Leaves Paperworks

Tell her Brandon sent you.


  1. I love her stuff, just got an email from her that she is no longer selling wholesale, cause she got a job and doesn't have the time to devote to just bites when you have to get a big girl job just to buy your toys!


  2. These are really some beautiful items.I really like your blog. Look forward to reading more posts.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Brandon. Love your blog -- it looks great!

    To Sweet Repose-Junk Revival: Yes, getting a big girl job to buy your toys does kind of bite. I am off work today though, reliving with fondness my days of working from home. : )