Friday, February 11, 2011

Something Old Something New

Paper explosion......
Books hung on the wall with the pages falling out onto
dictionary page bundles (for your craft projects) and
into frames.

Things have been moved around. I've added new items with existing to freshen things up. Come on in, see what's new, find a little happy for you or your home.

Feeling Frisky...
French postcard prints, mated in old photo album pages.

Photos stuck in an old corset.

A vintage faucet used as an easel.

I had big plans for the umbrella frames...hang a few from the ceiling and then suspend the baskets from the umbrellas, to look as if the goodies were parachuting from the sky. But with low ceilings and not enough room in my space, the plan was scratched. No worries...If you have higher ceilings you can do this in your home. Towels in a bathroom, toys in a child's room, plants on a front porch, papers and books in an office, etc. Or you can hang photos, old letters, or book pages from the umbrella frame. Time to get creative.

Religious are redo.